General documents

Forms, manuals and other documents

Membership form

One of the steps of becoming a member is filling in the membership form through google forms. For the other steps you can visit ‘Becoming a member‘! 

Manual for new members

Becoming a member can be a complicated process but all the information you need can be found in this manual.

Integral regulations

The integral regulations state the rules which you have to follow as a member and rights you have. For example it is expected from our members that they perform a bar shift at least once. All rules are found in the document below.

Donorship form

Members quit the boxing association for various reasons, usually because they finished their studies. After your studies you can still support E.S.B.V. Buitenwesten, by becoming a donor. Donors pay €10,00 per year. By doing this, they help our the association, and more importantly they can still participate in most activities.

Declaration form

Members who have paid for items for the association E.S.B.V. Buitenwesten can declare the amount of money via this form. 

The filled in form with the receipt will then need to be sent to

Order form

If you want to purchase clothing or equipment from the association, you need to fill in the following form and deliver it to the board.


The by-laws are an important  document for the existence of E.S.B.V. Buitenwesten.