Becoming a member

Becoming a member

If you are interested in becoming a member, the following steps should be followed:

You can also send an email to if you would like to participate in a try-out training. You are allowed to participate in two trainings before we ask you to become a member.

  1. Fill in the membership form (see the file below)
  2. Buy a unioncard either via or at the service desk of the Sportscentrum (See manual below).
  3. Register with E.S.B.V. Buitenwesten on . (A detailed explanation can be found in the manual for registration in the system)
  4. When your registration in the DMS system is accepted, you will have to pay the association fee (See manual). This fee is obligated for every association from the university, not only Buitenwesten. It is also not the same as the contribution (which will be collected automatically). 
  5. Check if you have done everything: Purchased a unioncard, registered in the system, paid the association fee and filled in the membership form. 
  6. We will add you to our Whatsapp groups once your payment has been confirmed by the system. Please keep in mind that in addition to the association fee, all members will be charged a yearly fee of €60 or a half-year fee of €30.

The contribution for Buitenwesten is €60,- per year and €30 per half a year.
Because the prices of the unioncard and association fee differ depending on what kind of student you are (UTwente/Saxion), a full overview can be found on the  website of the student union.

If you have any questions about your membership registration, do not hesitate to contact the secretary!

Membership form

If you want to become a member, you can download, print and fill in the registration form. You can place the filled in document in the postbox of E.S.B.V. Buitenwesten, which is located in the sport center.

Manual for new members

Becoming a member can be a complicated process but all the information you need can be found in this manual.

Integral regulations

The integral regulations state the rules which you have to follow as a member and rights you have. All rules are found in the document below.