Boxing Clinics

Buitenwesten gives boxing clinics!

Is your club interested in a boxing clinic? In that case you can ask E.S.B.V. Buitenwesten to give a boxing clinic. The clinic will consist of:

  • A general introduction
  • Power training
  • Condition training
  • Technique training about different boxing punches

The training takes about 1 of 1,5 hour and there is room for a maximum of 25 participants per clinic. For current prices, ask the current board of buitenwesten. During this clinic you got a 1 hour boxing clinic with one trainer, a room and all necessary boxing equipment. Are you interested in doing a boxing clinic, please contact the board via e-mail:

Please, notice in your e-mail a few possible data you would prefer and an estimate of the amount of participants, so we can book a suitable room on time.